Quartz Crystals Lapping Machine in India

Quartz Crystals Lapping Machine Manufacturer

Quartz crystal lapping machine is a device used to grind and polish the surfaces of quartz crystals to achieve precise dimensions and smoothness. Lapping is the process of rubbing two surfaces together with an abrasive material suspended in a fluid to remove small amounts of material from the lapped surface. This operation is done several times with finer abrasives until the desired surface quality and flatness are obtained.

Quartz crystal lapping machines can be used for a variety of purposes, including the creation of high-precision quartz oscillators for electrical devices such as watches, clocks, and radios. They are also utilised in the fabrication of optical components such as lenses and prisms, as well as precise mechanical parts.Quartz crystal lapping machines are often designed with a spinning plate or wheel that holds the quartz crystals in place while they are lapped. The plate or wheel is coated with an abrasive material, such as diamond powder, and is rotated at high speeds by a motor. The quartz crystals are forced against the rotating plate or wheel with the use of a weight or pressure pad that may be adjusted to control the amount of pressure applied to the crystals.